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Clinical Trial

I-SPY COVID Trial: An Adaptive Platform Trial to Reduce Mortaility and Ventilator Requirements for Critically Ill Patients

Study Status:

Open for enrollment

Contact Information:

(956) 362-2396

Please contact us for more information or to learn if you are eligible to participate.

Study Purpose:

The goal of this project is to rapidly screen promising agents, in the setting of an adaptive platform trial, for treatment of critically ill COVID-19 patients. The approach that we will take in this trial is to focus on finding agents with a big impact on reducing both mortality and time on ventilators for those critically ill as a result of COVID 19. Both of these endpoints are critical to managing the health crisis created by the global pandemic.


Principal Investigator
Praveen Vijhani, MD
Luis Cantu Jr.
National Center for Advancing Translation Sciences
Type of Trial
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