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DHR Health has been leading healthcare for over two decades in the Rio Grande Valley. It has elevated medical care by creating the largest group of specialty physicians in the Valley, bringing highly-advanced medical technology to the Valley, and offering more than 75 access points of care across South Texas. All initiated and sustained by one of the most experienced healthcare workforces in the industry. It is the people of DHR Health that make the difference and drive innovation in our care and for our community.

In a committed effort to sustain the maximum level of success within our healthcare organization, DHR Health created the DHR Health Institute for Leadership Development under the leadership of Sohail Rao, MD, MA, DPhil., Executive Vice President for Research & Leadership Development, at DHR Health.

The Institute for Leadership Development is designed to cultivate a culture of Servant Leadership, to meet the development and training needs of our employees, and ensure continuity in the philosophy of our leadership. The Institute works to design, create, and fulfill specific goals that are unique to DHR Health. The DHR Health Institute for Leadership Development is proud to partner with the University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer School of Business in the establishment of the DHR Health Leadership Academy. This program features the DHR EnACT basics as a foundation in their courses. These basic foundations are Engagement, Accountability, Communication, and Transparency.

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