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DHR Health Institute for Leadership Development

Leadership Development & Employee Training

The DHR Health Institute for Leadership Development is proud to offer catered leadership development and employee performance enhancement training sessions to all levels of the enterprise. The Institute is designed to foster a culture of Servant Leadership and meet the development and training needs of employees. We work to design, to create and to fulfill specific goals that are unique to respective departments and DHR Health.

We understand that development and training helps to gain and retain top talent, increase job satisfaction and morale, improve productivity, cultivate a healthy culture while sustaining a world-class service-oriented environment for our patients, guests and peers.

At DHR Health, we believe that our greatest asset are our employees, and, therefore, investing in their development and training is key to sustaining advancement across the enterprise. The more advanced, successful we are, the better we can serve our patients, our communities and one another.

Leadership training

Through employee development, we offer a more expansive attention on employee growth and future performance, rather than an immediate job role.

Leadership development is a necessity to build and sustain an effective healthcare enterprise. Whether working with top executives or sharpening the leadership skills of our leaders, at DHR Health, we believe both efforts create a better work environment for everyone, including our patients and guests.

Employee training is also an integral component of building and sustaining an effective healthcare enterprise. This allows the Institute to define a planned set of continuing educational activities for imparting knowledge and skills to employees, such that it helps them improve performance in their current role.

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