About Us


Clinical Research is as yet another name for Advanced Clinical Care. When everything else fails, we rely on clinical research to find new cures and to develop innovative strategies to treat a refractory disease. That is precisely the goal of the DHR Health Institute for Research & Development, which also has as one of its goals the necessity to increase participation of patients with Hispanic heritage whose involvement nationally in clinical trials is <1%.

DHR Health Institute for Research & Development was established as a nonprofit 501(c)3 entity organized under the Texas Nonprofit Corporation Act. The primary objective of DHR Health Institute for Research & Development is to serve as an independent research institute with a focus on enhancing translational and clinical research in critical areas of need through collaboration with investigators at DHR Health and other affiliated academic and non-academic partners.

As part of its mission, DHR Health Institute for Research & Development is also committed to providing access to innovative and advanced clinical care models for physicians for the treatment of patients and to facilitate development of “personalized” clinical care models for Hispanic population in the Valley. It is envisioned that this will also minimize the disruption in personal lives of our patients who have to travel to another center to gain access to a clinical trial, which could be offered here in the Valley.

Board of Directors

David J Whellan, MD, MHS, FACC, FAHA​

David J Whellan, MD, MHS, FACC, FAHA​

Manish Singh, MD, FACS​

Manish Singh, MD, FACS​

Laura Beretta, PhD​

Laura Beretta, PhD​

Anjum Khurshid, MD, PhD​

Anjum Khurshid, MD, PhD​

Dipen J. Parekh, M.D.​

Dipen J. Parekh, MD

Gail Hinkson

Gail Hinkson

Thomas Carton, PhD​

Thomas Carton, PhD​

Ian Thompson, II., MD​

Ian Thompson, II., MD​

Norman M. Ramirez, MD, FACC

Norman M. Ramirez, MD, FACC​

Susan Turley

Administrative Staff

Sohail Rao, MD, MA, D.PHIL

Lisa R. Treviño, PhD

Lisa R. Trevino, MS, PhD

Juan Carlos Bernini, M.D.​

Juan Carlos Bernini, MD

Dr. Eduardo Estevis

Eduardo Estevis, PhD

Monica M. Betancourt-Garcia​

Monica M. Betancourt-Garcia​, MD

Frank Cimino III

Odalys Salinas, BA

Victoria Mancillas, BS

Alejandra Chapa, BS

Katelyn Villa, MS

Amber Ibarra, BS

Alberto Leal

John Rodriguez, CRC​

John Rodriguez, CRC​

Guillermo Duran

Guillermo Duran Jr., MD

Greg Pequeño, MS

David D. Weaver

Melissa Eddy, MS

Khushboo Hemnani, MS

Claire Orta, BAT

Lisa Marie Reyna, JD, MPA

Luis Cantu Jr., MS

Kayllie Lomeli, BS

Cassandra N. Treviño, BS

Carlos Arroyo, BS

Hiram L. Garcia Jr., MS

Adrienne Casciato DNP, APRN, NP-C

Research Pharmacy Team

Gabriel Vasquez

Gabriel Vasquez

Omar Cavazos II, RPh, PharmD, BCPS

Diana Pena-Perez, RPh

Veronica Hernandez

Veronica Hernandez RPhT

Ron Ozuna

Dr. Ron Ozuna, Pharm.D., BCPS

Gavino Garza

Gavino A. Garza, RPh