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Office of Human Research Protection Program

The Office of Human Research Protection Program (OHRPP) manages all clinical research conducted under the guidance of DHR Health Institute for Research & Development. OHRPP in partnership with the research community is responsible for ensuring the safety and welfare of participants in clinical trials conducted under the aegis of the DHR Health Institute for Research & Development.

What is AAHRPP?
Association For The Accreditation Of Human Research Protection Program​ An independent non-profit accrediting body that accredits human research protection programs worldwide Voluntary peer-driven process that prescribes to the most rigorous standards for quality and protection​ To earn AAHRPP accreditation, organizations must provide tangible evidence (through policies, procedures and practices) of their commitment to scientifically and ethically sound research… with continuous improvement
Why Seek AAHRPP Accreditation?
Very much like Joint Commission is the "gold seal" of assurance to research participants, investigators, sponsors, regulators, and the general public that the Human Research Protection Program is focused first and foremost on EXCELLENCE.

AAHRPP Accreditation:
Facilitates collaboration (NIH policy on single IRB review)
Reassures sponsors
Improves public trust - strengthen human participant protection
What's Next?
Start functioning as if we are AAHRPP accredited for the next 8-12 months

Establish a Human Research Protection Program

Implement strategic changes in the DHR IRB: Membership, Mandate, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines, etc

Initiate Self-Assessment

Educate C-Suite and staff involved in HRPP

Seek AAHRPP Accreditation
Accreditation from the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program (AAHRPP) demonstrates the excellence of a research program which provides the most comprehensive protections for research participants. The DHR Health Institute for Research and Development currently follows the AAHRPP Accreditation Standards as it prepares to apply for accreditation.

OHRPP also provides administrative support to the Institutional Review Board (IRB), DHR Health Institute for Research & Development. It is also involved in facilitating the submission of clinical protocols by physician-investigators, fellows, residents, students and staff in various service lines at DHR Health System.
OHRPP is also responsible for ensuring compliance with Federal Wide Assurance (FWA 0014304) provided by the DHR Health Institute for Research & Development to the Office of Human Research Protection, Department of Health & Human Services.Below are some resources for investigators interested in conducting clinical research at DHR Health Institute for Research & Development:

Types of IRB Reviews

List of Affiliated IRBs​

Advarra, Inc.
IntegReview Institutional Review Board
Sterling Institutional Review Board
University of Cincinnati Institutional Review Board
Vanderbilt University Institutional Review Board
WIRB-Copernicus Group Company

List of Affiliated IRBs​

List of Affiliated IRBs​

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