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DHR Research Academy

DHR Health Institute for Research & Development has established a Research Academy to assist the physician-investigators in obtaining extramural grants and contracts and to offer educational programs that enhance research capacity across the system.

Faculty appointments as Clinical Research Scientist in the Research Academy will be based entirely on merit and on past experience and expertise in research. To apply for appointment, please email your request along with your resume/curriculum vitae to [email protected].

The current list of Clinical Research Scientists with faculty appointments in the Research Academy, DHR Health Institute for Research & Development is provided below:

Funding Opportunities


There are many elements that must come together to bring a study to completion. Developing the research question and purpose is only the first part of the process. Many times, funding is necessary to carry out the work that the study entails. Many researchers, therefore, apply for grants to help support their research.

Grants can be broadly categorized as those awarded by the federal government and those awarded by non-federal entities. Within these two categories are a variety of funding sources and program types.

It can feel overwhelming trying to find the right funding source for you or your organization so we have included a list of available resources that you may use to search for available funding opportunity announcements.

For more information and to search available grants, click on the links below.

General Questions

For information for an individual contract or grant, please visit the program’s site. General questions may be directed to DHR Health Research Institute at Research and Development.

Allergy & Immunology

Maria E. Falcon, M.D.

Bariatric & Metabolic Disorders

Michelle Cordoba-Kissee, M.D.
Armour R. Forse, M.D., PhD
Manish Singh, M.D.
Ambrosio Hernandez, M.D.
Gerardo Lopez-Mena, M.D.


Norman Ramirez, M.D.
Mahesh Changlani, M.D.
Tawhid Shuaib, M.D.
Yamil Wady Aude, M.D.

Cardiovascular Surgery

Francisco Bracamontes, M.D.
Jaime Villarreal, M.D.

Diabetes & Endocrinology

Marcel Twahirwa, M.D.
Juan Diego Palacios, M.D.
Michele Cordoba-Kissee, M.D.

Ear, Nose & Throat

Stefan Shuaib, M.D.
Tan Nguyen, M.D.
Simon Milov, M.D.

Emergency Medicine

Michael Menowsky, M.D.

Functional Medicine

Dimple Desai, M.D.


Murthy S. Badiga, M.D.
Rama Behara, D.O.
Subrahmanyam Behara, M.D.
Carlos Cardenas, M.D.
Ingrid Chacon, M.D.
Asif Zamir, M.D.
Henry Herrera, M.D.

General Surgery

Raul Barreda, Jr., M.D.
Carlos Garcia-Cantu, M.D.
Ricardo Martinez, M.D.


Carlos Herrera, M.D.

Hospice/Palliative Care

Andrya R. Rivera-Burciaga, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
James Castillo, M.D.

Medical Sciences

Lisa Treviño, PhD
Sohail Rao, M.D., M.A., D.Phil
Monica M. Betancourt-Garcia M.D.

Medical Oncology

Susannah Cooper, M.D.
Sarada Gummadi, M.D.
Ghanem Daghestani, M.D.


Patricia Fernandez, M.D.
Juan Padilla, M.D.
Patrick Noonan, M.D.
Eduardo Estevis, PhD
Zuka Khabbazeh, M.D.
Michael J. Burke, M.D.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Jaime J. Garza, M.D.
Joseph Ogburn, M.D.
Efraim Vela, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgery

Carissa Kirk, D.O.
Michael Serra, M.D.
Jaime Villarreal, M.D.


Martin Garza, M.D.

Pediatric Oncology

Juan Carlos Bernini M.D.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Amol Utturkar, M.D.
Saroja Viswamitra, M.D.


Adrian Agapito, M.D.
Jose E. Igoa, M.D.

Pulmonary/Critical Care

Ricardo Abreu, M.D.
Adolfo Kaplan, M.D.


Angela Christensen, M.D.
Elvin Garcia, M.D.


Juan Padilla, M.D.
Patrick Noonan, M.D.

Surgical Oncology

Carlos Garcia-Cantu, M.D.
Ricardo Martinez, M.D.
Alberto A. Pena, M.D.


Alexander Feigl, M.D.
Henry E. Ruiz, M.D.
Gaudencio Olgin, M.D.
Alexander Feigl, M.D.
Henry E. Ruiz, M.D.
Gaudencio Olgin, M.D.


Jose Almeda, M.D.
Phillip G. Thomas, M.D.
Rashmee Patil, M.D.
Mourad M. Alsabbagh, M.D.


Raul Barreda, Jr., M.D.
Carlos Garcia-Cantu, M.D.
Jeffery Skubic, D.O.
John Orfanos, M.D.
Jose Andres Gonzalez, M.D.
Rick Martinez, M.D.
Robert O. Crous III, M.D.
Michael Serra, M.D.
Carissa Kirk, M.D.
Elzaim Haissam, M.D.
Juan Padilla, M.D.
Achal Patel, M.D.
Gustavo Ramos, M.D.
Saroja Viswamitra, M.D.
Juan M. Ortiz, M.D.
Samuel Serna, M.D.
Don Alter, M.D.


David G. Alonzo, M.D.

Wound Care

Noel E. Oliveira, M.D.
Rafael Rafols, M.D.
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