Office Of Clinical
Research Coordination

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) serves to establish the DHR Health Institute for Research and Development, its strategic partner, DHR Health, and its other research collaborators as a premier enterprise for sponsored clinical trials by:

  • Enhancing the clinical research engagement process
  • Fostering and promoting clinical and translational research
  • Streamlining contracting for industry sponsored clinical trials
  • Optimizing budgeting and study support
  • Creating an optimal environment and workforce for clinical research activities
  • Increasing clinical trial participation and the number of clinical trials across the enterprise
  • Engaging key sponsors to enhance our partnerships

The Office of Clinical Research is engaged in:

  • Developing enterprise-wide approaches (e.g., policies, procedures and tools) to enhance the efficiencies and effectiveness of contracting, budgeting, and study support/facilitation process
  • Enhancing the quality of clinical trials conducted across the enterprise
  • Ensuring effective education and communication with key stakeholders and partners
  • Identifying and monitoring enterprise-wide metrics describing the level of ongoing industry sponsored clinical trial activities
Office of Clinical Research Coordination

Clinical Trial Unit

Within the OCR is the Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) that is dedicated to enhancing the clinical trial experience for both our patients and investigators.

CTU provides a convenient site for community investigators and scientists to successfully conduct research studies.

CTU provides a wealth of research services including (but not limited to):

  • A dedicated team of highly skilled clinical research coordinators
  • In-house phlebotomy services to include sample processing
  • Multiple full-service exam rooms
  • Spacious waiting and reception area
  • Ample parking

We strongly encourage you to visit our CTU and learn about how we are committed to bringing current diagnostic and therapeutic research options to the residents of the Rio Grande Valley.

Contact us at 956-362-2387