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The DHR Health Institute for Leadership Development organized a Multi-Generational Communication Lunch & Learn session on April 20th. This interactive session had over 100 DHR Health Employees in attendance and was part of a series of events centered around communication. The session focused on defining communication and the role the speaker and listener. The session ended with a panel discussion with representatives of all four major generations currently in the workforce at DHR Health.

DHR Health Institute for Leadership Development organized a Lunch and Learn on March 30th on the Art of Effective Communication. In this interactive session the participants discussed the value of verbal and non-verbal communication, and the role of both the speaker and the listener was emphasized. Numerous vignettes that addressed the real-world challenges in communication between peer-to-peer, provider-to-patient, and staff-to-direct-report were shared with participants.

Attendees also discussed the importance of understanding the nuances associated with effective communication between various generations in the workforce. The session ended with an immersion exercise that underscored the significance of “lost meaning” in the exchange of information between peers.

On March 10th, the Institute for Leadership Development facilitated a hands-on session on Microsoft Excel. Attendees focused on basic Excel skills such as formatting data, inserting tables, and filtering and sorting data. In this lunch & learn, over 20 employees of the DHR Health Radiology department engaged in this hands-on session to improve their Excel skills.

On March 2, 2023, The Institute for Leadership Development facilitated a Presentation Skills Lunch & Learn presented by Terri Garcia. Attendees focused on strategies to engage with an audience, the preparation of effective slides, and the development of non-verbal skills to improve a presentation. In this session, over 30 DHR Health employees engaged in the Lunch & Learn to improve their presentation skills.

On February 16 2023, The Institute for Leadership Development facilitated a “Leading Change: Creating a Culture of Ownership” Lunch & Learn presented by Dr. Sohail Rao, MD, MA, DPhil. The session focused on three important concepts that all play a vital role in Ownership. Those three concepts being: Engagement, Leading Change, and Teamwork. During this session, over 90 DHR Health employees participated and engaged in the Lunch & Learn to identify the key elements of Leading Change. 

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